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Not All Aeration Is The Same! Not Even Close!



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  •    Liquid Lawn Aeration w/Free Fertilizer
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  •    Deep Plug with 1/2 Price Fertilizer
  •    Deep Plug w/Overseeding


$ 69 .00 Includes Whole Lawn
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  •    Deep Plug Lawn Aeration
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What is it?

The liquid Lawn Aeration process is a liquid soil aerator and clay loosener that has been used on golf courses and professional sports venues in Colorado for years. Mile Hi has mastered this same procedure and now offers the Liquid Lawn Aeration to homeowners who wish to achieve the same results as the pros do.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Liquid Lawn Aeration are the same as our Deep Plug Aeration but with no messy plugs, no need to flag sprinkler heads, no need to pre-soak your lawn while still getting 100% coverage rather than a single plug aeration every six inches. This saturates your entire root system to promote health and growth. It is also an excellent time to overseed and fertilize.

What does it cost?

Since we are in the neighborhood, we are offering a special for our Liquid Lawn Aeration. Normally our fee for this is $119.00, however we have reduced this to $99.00 and we are also including FREE fertilizer treatment. This special includes your entire lawn, regardless of the size. We understand some lawns are small and some lawns are large, but because we are on your block already aerating other lawns, your close proximity allows us to gladly extend this special to you. If you would like the Full Service treatment which includes Liquid Aeration, Fertilizer and Overseeding of your entire lawn, the total cost is $169, however with this promotion we have reduced this price to $139.

How do I know this really works?

We are so confident with the results of Liquid Lawn Aeration, based on the overwhelming positive response from our customers, that we will perform the Deep Plug Aeration for ABSOLUTELY FREE after 30 days if you are not satisfied!


What is it?

Our Deep Plug Aeration is an industry leader that surpasses the typical aeration size of 2”. Our custom built equipment can give you up to 3-4” plugs, which covers your entire root system. No other company can pull a deeper plug than Mile Hi Aeration - GUARANTEED! The fertilizer is an excellent organic treatment that is safe for kids and pets. It turns your lawn a plush, dark green color, and is time released so it won't burn your lawn. Over-seeding immediately after our Deep-Core aeration will fill in those bare spots and make your entire lawn look THICK AND PLUSH!

What are the benefits?

These extra inches of aeration extends further into your root system to promote immediate nurturing and growth. This extension is also an ideal time to stimulate your lawn with our fertilizer and seeding options. This allows you to do all of your critical lawn care measures at once.

What does it cost?

This service starts with the Deep Plug Aeration for $69.00, you can then add any other services individually for a fee, or take advantage of our combined special of all three. Since we are in the neighborhood, we are offering a special for all of these services for a limited time. Normally our fee for all of these services combined is $197.00; however we have reduced this to $139.00. Which includes our GUARANTEED , Deep Plug Aeration, our EXCELLENT Seasonal Fertilizer and the Complete Overseeding of your entire lawn with our golf course Earth Carpet™ grass seed. Because we are on your block already helping other customers, your close proximity allows us to gladly extend this special to you.