Because each job takes a different amount of time to complete, it is impossible to give an accurate estimated time of arrival. Our technicians work sometimes until dark, so you can count on your service being performed on the day it is scheduled.

If you plan to be home on the day of service you can give any special instructions to the worker at that time. If you do not plan to be home at the time of service you can just leave a note of any special instructions underneath your front door mat or taped to your front door.

If your service date has COMPLETELY PASSED and a technician never showed up. CLICK HERE to be rescheduled as a priority customer. Please only reschedule if your scheduled date of service has completely passed. Our tech may show up late.

We love dogs. If your dog will allow a stranger into their yard to do work, leave them out. If your dog has had problems with contractors in the past, I would recommend putting your dog in the house for the day.

NO! Do not rake up the plugs after aeration. The plugs will break up after a week or so. If you do rake up your aeration plugs you will see your lawn start to thin out over time rather than being thick and plush.

  • Water heavily the day before your lawn aeration is scheduled.
  • Mark any sprinkler heads that are in the middle of your lawn.
  • Mark any shallow cables or invisible fencing.
  • Leave any special instructions under your front door mat.
  • Make sure a gate is unlocked and any mean dogs are put away.

Plug size varies from lawn to lawn.Our machines will give you the deepest plug possible for your lawn.If your lawn is thick and healthy, you should expect around a 3 inch plug or more.If your lawn is very hard or unhealthy, you will see less than that.Always remember to water HEAVILY prior to having your lawn aerated.Aerate at least twice a year for best results.

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