Air Duct Cleaning

HALF PRICE -The last thing you want to worry about in your home is breathing in dust and allergens that contribute to making you sick. Our technicians clean out your entire air duct system, leaving you breathing clean air.


Air Duct Cleaning

  • We use HEPA Filtered Units
  • We use nylon rods and brushes
  • $149 includes 10 Air Vents
  • Just $15 each additional vent
  • Includes FREE Furnace Inspection
  • Includes FREE Dryer Vent Inspection
  • Sanitizer Available
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The special we have running right now on Air Duct cleaning is $149.00 this includes brushing and vacuuming up to 10 heating vents. If you have more than 10 heating vents than each vent is just $15 after that.

We brush out each individual heating vent line with our nylon rods and brushes and then suck out all of the debris with our HEPA filtered vacuums. So we vacuum and brush every vent line which is the best way to do it.

We also offer a full line of products and services such as sanitizer and furnace cleaning as well as dryer vent cleaning. If you would like, our technician can first see if you have a need for any of these services and then he will give you a great bottom dollar price if you wish.

No preparation is necessary to have your air ducts cleaned. We can get you on the schedule for a day that will work for you and then your technician will call you the night before your scheduled service date and set up a 2 hour time slot that will be best for you.